2020年12月, 在开发计划署10年审查周期结束时, our accrediting body—the Higher Learning Commission (HLC)—reaffirmed that the University of Denver continues to meet its Criteria for 认证, 自1914年首次审查以来,我们一直自豪地保持着这一荣誉.

DU is on the “Open Pathway,这是机构维持HLC认证的三种选择之一. It follows a 10-year cycle 和 is focused on quality assurance 和 institutional improvement. 开放通道的独特之处在于它的改进部分, the Quality Initiative, affords institutions the opportunity to pursue improvement projects that meet their current needs 和 aspirations.





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    HLC指导委员会和工作组 Compile First Draft of Assurance Arguments

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    Fall 2019 - Spring 2020


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    Planning Team Finalizes Arguments with Stakeholder Input, Submits Final Arguments to HLC

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    Finalize Details for HLC 校园 访问

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    October 19-20, 2020:

    校园 访问 by HLC Peer Reviewers


  • Regular Monitoring

    机构提交年度机构更新, 由HLC审核以监控组织运行状况的哪些内容, comply with certain federal requirements, 并确定任何可能需要HLC跟进的变化. HLC will also apply change processes as appropriate to planned institutional developments, 并将通过报告监督各机构, 访问和其他委员会认为适当的方式.

  • Year 4: Assurance Review

    Institutions complete an Assurance Review to ensure they are continuing to meet HLC’s Criteria for 认证. The institution provides documentation demonstrating how it fulfills each Criterion 和 Core Component. A peer review team evaluates these materials 和 recommends whether the institution should continue in the cycle or whether additional monitoring is required. HLC’s Institutional Actions Council (IAC) reviews 和 takes official action on the recommendation.

  • Years 5 - 9: Quality Initiative

    机构设计并实施质量倡议项目. HLC同行审稿人批准初始项目提案, 以及项目成果的报告.

  • Year 10: Comprehensive Evaluation


    Institutions undergo a comprehensive evaluation to ensure they are meeting the Criteria for 认证, pursuing institutional improvement 和 complying with certain requirements set by the U.S. Department of Education. This review leads to an action regarding the reaffirmation of the institution’s accreditation.

    More 正规赌博十大平台排行 Comprehensive Evaluation:

    HLC conducts comprehensive evaluations of member institutions to confirm that the institution continues to meet the Criteria for 认证, 正在寻求制度改进,并符合美国政府的要求.S. Department of Education. 评估由同行评审小组进行.

    The evaluation that occurs in the final year of each pathway cycle—Year 10 for Open Pathway—includes an action regarding the institution’s reaffirmation of accreditation.

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Curious 正规赌博十大平台排行 Our Plans for the Future?



Assurance Argument Goals

HLC conducts an Assurance Review to determine whether an institution continues to meet the Criteria for 认证, every 4 和 10 years. The University of Denver is approaching our 10 year review 和 is currently drafting assurance arguments 和 collecting evidence for our comprehensive evaluation in 2020. The assurance arguments detail how the University is meeting the criteria set forth by HLC, using materials such as websites, 政策, reports 和 more as evidence. 评审准则如下:

  • Criterion 1: Mission
    • The institution’s mission is clear 和 articulated publicly; it guides the institution’s operations.
  • 标准2:诚信:道德和负责任的行为
    • The institution acts with integrity; its conduct is ethical 和 responsible.
  • 标准3:教与学:质量、资源和支持
    • The institution provides high quality education, wherever 和 however its offerings are delivered.
  • 标准4:教与学:评价与改进
    • The institution demonstrates responsibility for the quality of its educational 项目, learning environments, 和 support services, 和 it evaluates their effectiveness for student learning through processes designed to promote continuous improvement.
  • 标准5:资源、规划和制度有效性
    • The institution’s resources, 结构, 过程足以完成它的使命, 提高教育质量, 并应对未来的挑战和机遇. The institution plans for the future.

学校将提交两份保证论据和一份证据文件, using HLC’S online Assurance System in the summer of 2020 after significant consultation with campus stakeholders, 包括教师, 教职员及学生. Prior to DU’s campus visit, a team of peer reviewers evaluates the assurance argument with corresponding evidence to provide a recommendation as to whether the institution meets the Criteria for 认证.

参观结束后, a decision-making body within HLC reviews the University’s materials 和 the recommendation from the peer review team 和 takes official action.

认证 Committees

  • Gaps Analysis Group

    The Gaps Analysis group is reviewing all five criterion arguments 和 identify the gaps where content 和/or evidence is missing 和 needed.

    名字 Title
    凯西全垒打 国际事务临时副教务长 
    艾德丽安冈萨雷斯 世界语言和文化中心主任
    克林特·艾默里奇 Assistant Provost, Budget 和 Analysis
    基斯米勒 研究生教育临时副教务长 
    米歇尔·汉娜 社会工作研究生院副教授
    理查德·科尔比 助理主任,一年级写作,教学教授,写作项目
    芯片Reichardt 教授, Psychology 
    克里斯蒂娜Paguyo 导演, Academic Assessment
    Allison Friederichs 大学学院副院长、教学副教授
    莎拉·霍夫曼 Assistant Provost, Student Success
    Deigan银 传媒、电影与新闻学副教授,中国电影学会理事
    金伯利本德 Interim Associate Provost for 研究
    Lory-Ann万利拉 文化、准入和过渡项目临时执行主任


  • Criterion 1: Mission

    使命委员会负责确保大学的使命, which guides our operations, is clear 和 articulated publicly. Thank you to the following people for drafting the initial argument for Criterion 1:

    名字 Title 单位
    克里斯汀的交易 临时负责人 Office of Diversity 和 包容
    卡拉DiEnno 副主任 促进学术和学习的社区参与中心
    Allana的强项 Assistant Vice Chancellor 招生
    顶楼的玻璃 Assistant 导演, Production 纽曼中心
    特里萨埃尔南德斯* 助理副校长,负责校园合作 Information 技术
    达希克斯* 教授, Communication Studies 艺术、人文和社会科学学院
    玛德琳菲普斯 Sr. Media Relations Specialist 市场及传播学系
    奥德丽斯齐亚沃尼 Teaching Assistant 教授 写作计划

    * — Committee chairs

  • Criterion 2: Integrity

    The Integrity Committee is responsible for ensuring that the University acts with integrity 和 that our conduct is ethical 和 responsible. 感谢以下人员为标准2起草了最初的论证:

    名字 Title 单位
    莎拉Buenavidez 副主任, Graduate 招生 研究生教育
    布莱恩·冈萨雷斯 Clinical Assistant 教授 Graduate School of Social Work
    妮基拉丁裔 Associate Vice Chancellor 正规赌博十大平台排行 和 Inclusive Excellence
    Jerron劳 导演, Human Resource Partnerships Human Resources 和 Inclusive Community
    盖Sisk * 教授 约瑟夫·科贝尔国际研究学院 
    温蒂芙尼 导演 内部审计
    保罗Kosempel * 教学副教授,先锋领导生活和学习社区 Pioneer Leadership Program
    Audry LaCrone Communications Manager Office of 研究 和 Sponsored Programs

    * — Committee chairs

  • 标准3:教与学——质量、资源和支持

    The Teaching 和 Learning — Quality, Resources 和 Support Committee is responsible for ensuring the University provides high quality education, 无论我们的产品在哪里以何种方式交付. Thank you to the following people for drafting the initial argument for Criterion 3:

    名字 Title 单位
    Ayla Engelhart 副主任, Student Outreach 正规赌博十大平台排行 和 Inclusive Excellence
    布莱恩Gearity * 导演, MA Coach 和 Sport Ed 专业心理学研究生院
    Anthea Johnson Rooen 导演, College Access 和 Pipeline 正规赌博十大平台排行 和 Inclusive Excellence
    理查德·科尔比 Teaching Associate 教授 写作计划
    Luc Beaudoin Vice Chancellor for Internationalization Office of Internationalization
    维吉尼亚皮特 导演, University Teaching Office of Teaching 和 Learning
    艾德丽安冈萨雷斯 临时负责人 World Languages 和 文化s
    英格丽Tague * 副院长 艺术、人文和社会科学学院

    * — Committee chairs

  • 标准4:教与学——评价与改进

    The Teaching 和 Learning — Evaluation 和 Improvement Committee is responsible for ensuring the University demonstrates responsibility for the quality of our educational 项目, 学习环境和支持服务. 该委员会还评估了这些项目的有效性, environments 和 services for student learning through processes designed to promote continuous improvement. Thank you to the following people for drafting the initial argument for Criterion 4:

    名字 Title 单位
    詹妮弗•安德森 副主任, CPD Info 和 Systems Career 和 Professional Development
    迈克尔·布兰特 哲学系助理教授 艺术、人文和社会科学学院
    Michelle Kruse-Crocker Teaching Associate 教授 大学学院
    克里斯蒂娜Paguyo 导演, Academic Assessment Office of Teaching 和 Learning
    玛吉红色* 副院长,项目和合作伙伴 Colorado Women's College
    南希·佐佐木 Teaching 教授 Natural 科学s 和 Mathematics
    雷切尔·沃尔什 语言文学系副教授 艺术、人文和社会科学学院
    凯特Willink * 教学主任 Office of Teaching 和 Learning

    * — Committee chairs

  • 标准5:资源、规划和制度有效性

    的资源, Planning 和 Institutional Effectiveness Committee's responsibility is to ensure the University's resources, 结构和流程足以完成我们的使命, improve the quality of our educational offerings 并应对未来的挑战和机遇. Thank you to the following people for drafting the initial argument for Criterion 5:

    名字 Title 单位
    艾米丽·艾伦 Program Coordinator Pioneer Leadership Program
    唐熏肉 教授, Marketing Daniels College of Business
    琳达这些* 副教务长 Planning 和 Budget
    安德拉马丁内斯 Assistant Controller Controller's Office
    芯片Reichardt * 教授, Psychology 艺术、人文和社会科学学院
    基思•罗兹 Teaching Assistant 教授 写作计划
    詹姆斯Rosner Associate Vice Chancellor 设施
    香农密封 Learning 和 Development Consultant Human Resources 和 Inclusive Community

    * — Committee chairs

  • Planning Committee
    • Jennifer Karas,教务长 
    • Alex Lustig, Project Manager